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Our Practice Areas

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Firstcode works primarily with a variety of companies both domestic and international. We offer a range of professional management support services, on pro tem or retainer basis, to help strengthen operations and performance of management, corporate finance and marketing functions.
We liaise with investors by profiling opportunities in various sectors. Due to the advantages of our knowledge base, we facilitate prospecting for opportunities that serve all sides of businesses and transactions.
The range of services provided by Firstcode is categorized under three (3) verticals as follows:
Corporate Secretarial and Compliance Services

Market Entry Services

Accounting Services



You benefit from our in-depth understanding of the Ghanaian business environment and our support expertise to assist you in set-up, focus on your core business and growth. Trust us with your back office needs.

Time Saving

You save time and the privilege to enjoy the comfort and confidence in your outsourced business operations because the nurtured business relationship and experience of our qualified professionals in engaging with regulators allows us to provide services at a quicker turnaround time.

Cost Saving

You save cost because we tailor our support to meet your specific needs, helping you prevent and mitigate challenges that will cost your business discontinuity, reputational damages, fines, and other regulatory sanctions.

Quick Support Response

At Firstcode, our qualified professionals are always a phone call away. We minimize the bureaucracies of engagement and onboarding as well as deliver flexible solutions to get you the biggest smile!